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One 20 Scene Video – $99
2 for $179

One 40 Scene Video – $149
2 for $229

$4 for each extra scene
some of these videos have more than 20 scenes, some less.  All the same price.  
Intros and outros from $59 each

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40 for $59. reg $79 per 40

buy the forty for $59

Use as intros or Outros for your videos or one you webpage to stand out
You provide the images or video clips and the text you want and any voiceover and/or music of your choice and we will provide all the effects and action you see in the sample
The thing that drives up the price of a video is how the images and text are handled.  It is by far the most time-consuming aspect of video creation and sends the prices to $500 and far more.
Most studios also use premade effects but charge as if they did it from scratch.
All major video creating programs use pre-made effects.

Some videos may be somewhat blurry because we reduced the resolution for faster loading.  Your videos will be crystal clear

Below is an example of how the same video style can be used and create a unique video

Both videos were made using the same effects


The realtor site on the left was made as an example of what we can do with any of the samples, the second uses random images

This is a sample realtor site made using the effects from the video to the right.  This one is 7 seconds longer.
This is the basic video showing the effects we will use on your images.  The realtor site to the left is just one example of what can be done using your images and text.


Special Pricing may end at any time

Compare our prices with videos costing hundreds of dollars more
A small sample of what we can do for you are shown below
We have many more styles and samples. 
Find a video you like from anywhere and we will give you our best price for a similar one.

This is a 40 scene video. Running time is 2:30

This video is 17 seconds long  with only 5 scenes

This video is 36 seconds long.  

This video is 52 seconds long.  It uses some of the same images more than once.  Your price includes using 20 or 40 different images or video segments.

Money Back Guarantee


Those who purchase before our promotion ends, will secure these prices for any future videos.  If you are undecided or the timing is not right, make a purchase now and the price will be guaranteed when you are ready.
The money-back guarantee is also for those who change their minds and never order a video

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