Transform Anyone Into AI & Let Them Drive Sales

. Our Empowered AI Coach is super versatile and can help you with a ton of different things. Our Empowered AI Coach can  act as your inspiration and get rid of staring at blank pages or use it as is with major or minor editing.
  • Expertly Handle Website Customer questions
  • Write Social Media Posts
  • Write Emails – Website content
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Help make business decisions
  • Help make promotion decisions
How are Empowered AI Coaches different than other AI bots?

Our bots can learn specifically about your site and needs, so they can provide tailored responses to customer inquiries.

Get a personalized bot now for more effective visitor interactions.

You can have an expert for your niche or website at your disposal and on your website
The best way to demonstrate is to let you ask questions of our coach.
Try out our coach, and ask it anything related to Empowered AI Coaches or other SEO questions.
We can create a coach for your niche who will be as expert as you want him/her to be. Answer visitor questions, Capture Leads, Provide Support, and Coach and train Your Audience or employees 24×7


Empowered AI Coaches lets you clone yourself or any expert into an AI avatar chatbot with customized knowledge & personality that mentors clients, closeS leads, and works tirelessly on your behalf to grow your business.

  • Provide a clone of yourself or a business expert who talks and mentors your buyers in a membership.
  • Put your AI chatbot on a website and let it interact with visitors and push people to give their email addresses.
  • Let new hires ask your AI bot how certain processes work, ask for specific tutorials, and more

Plus, you can customize and rent out already DFY Avatars pre-trained in many different niches to small businesses to run an AI automation agency business, helping them save thousands of dollars in salaries.

learn much more and what our coach in action. Click Learn more

Some of the things Empowered Coaches can do for you

Some of our ready-to-go coaches packed with information

  • Yoga Coach
  • Body Building Coach
  • Weight Loss Coach
  • Online Marketing Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Spirituality Coach
  • Motivational Coach
  • Chef & Recipe Expert
  • Real Estate Expert
  • Pet Care Expert
  • Wedding Expert
  • Plumbing Assistant
  • Leadership Coach
  • Sports Performance Coach
  • Childcare Expert
  • Video Marketing Coach
  • Photography Expert
  • Holistic Health Coach
  • Dentist Assistant
  • Travel Specialist
  • Handyman Expert
  • Writing Expert
  • Copywriting Coach
  • House Design Expert
  • General Contracting Expert
  • Heating & Cooling Expert
  • Pool Expert
  • Investing Expert

Download Leads from Within the App

AICoaches integrates with the most popular autoresponders and webinar solutions. Don’t have an autoresponder? Don’t worry. You can download all the leads captured through all AICoaches right from the dashboard and broadcast to them.

These AI Chatbot Avatars Are Trainable on YOUR Data

These Coach Agency bots are trainable, meaning they’ll teach and work according to the style and philosophy of the business owner. That’s FAR more valuable than just using a standard AI chatbot.

Choose from already DFY AI avatar chatbots trained as experts in specific niches.


Choose to start from scratch and clone yourself or a public expert into an AI chatbot. Or 

Then, train your AI avatar chatbot on specific data so it shares customized knowledge the way you want with your prospects. You can copy/paste text, add video links, add URLs, upload text documents, and more to train the AI.

Choose what you want your AI chatbot avatar to do; sell products, generate leads, provide support, etc. For instance, add lead capture forms if you want your Coach Agency to generate leads for you.


This text briefly introduces visitors to your main services.

Coaching/ Consulting

Put yourself in a membership 24-7 to coach clients.

eCommerce Stores

Let an Coach Agency suggest custom products from your feed based on each new visitor.

‘Brick-and-Mortar’ Businesses

Generate email leads & sales with an Coach Agency that's optimized to capture leads.

Affiliate Marketing

Drive traffic to a page with a AI avatar chatbot that answers questions in specific niches & sells custom affiliate products.

Detailed Analytics

See important metrics in a click with detailed analytics. View which AI chatbots are working the best in your business and which ones are lagging. Show proof that bots are selling products and booking clients.


Some Examples of the Variety You Can Have (we can use any face you want)

Try out our coach, ask it anything related to Empowered AI Coaches or other SEO questions.

You can have an expert for your niche or website at your disposal and on your website


Yes. Empowered Coaches is 100% cloud-based, so it works on any system, device or screen size, from anywhere in the world.

Empowered Coaches is far more than another GPT bot or automation tool. The next revolution in AI is customization which is what every business really wants.

This is the only tool that lets you customize data training & knowledge, personality, coaching style, avatar character, & more.

This is the only app where you can have, for instance, an AI replica of you coaching clients in your coaching style, philosophy, and avatar – NOT a cold lifeless bot.

Yes. We’re constantly updating the technology to keep it working smoothly and as powerful as possible.

Yes! If you try out Empowered Coaches and aren’t blown away you can get your money back in 30 days.

Empowered Coaches is available for a yearly fee at a discount.  Usually about 20%.


Pricing depends on many variables
Contact us to get a specific quote tailored to your needs.
An Empowered Coach chatbot for a typical site starts at $29 per month and fully answers most questions visitors may have.
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