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Website creation agencies and freelancers want you to think that a great website will solve your problems.  

Most people spend too much on their website when the money could be better spent on the things which will bring you customers.  A website will not bring you customers,  It is a place where visitors come to see what you offer.

While having the best looking website in town sounds good, you are better off have a website just better than your competition and spending the rest of the money on getting traffic to your site.

Social Media, video and graphic content are the primary drivers that google and other search engines look at when they decide where to place you in the rankings.

Even a mediocre website can run circles around the best looking site in town if the money is spent in the right places.

However, if you have not had your website and internet presence evaluated in the past year, you are most likely missing out on customers that your competition is getting because they are doing more than you are to make themselves known.



Internet presence is about far more than a website with a pretty face or one that loads blazingly fast. Those are only fundamental essentials but most agencies will focus on those things. The bottom line for any business is, ROI. In other words, what do I get for my investment in an internet presence? That is also our focus. Any agency which can’t help you gain traffic and customers is not an agency anyone should do business with.

That is why we have spent time putting together a competent team that looks at your overall plan and can advise you what will be your most cost-effective expenditures.

Our focus goes beyond websites and SEO and video and all other elements.  It is how all those elements come together in the best combination that makes the difference.

Understanding that combination is our focus.

Internet Marketing is our specialty. While others concentrate on a few facets, we offer end-to-end solutions.

It is no longer enough to have a nice looking, fast loading website with good keywords. To succeed, you need to have many factors operating at one time and in the right relationship to each other.

The big factors that bring visitors and customers to as site, and are essential to good SEO are:


  •   Video
  •  Text Copy
  •  Infographics
  • Memes
  • Graphics

Social Media

We put video first because video is the biggest content driver of traffic for a website or social media and all advertising. We have found a way to offer premium video services at prices that used to be paid for good graphics.

We are also different in that we encourage and help you to do as much locally as possible and show you many ways to get better results for your marketing investment.

Our special focus is on brick and mortar local businesses.

We have worked and planned hard and long to be a total solution to your internet presence and establishing a reputation for local business so you could lead the competition in your area.

We only accept one client per business type in your zip code. We do not work for your competitors when you are working with us. 

This is how we keep our costs and your costs so low.

  1. We assign the routine parts of a job to those trained to do those jobs and don’t have to pay our higher priced creative people to do them.  See the  “How We Are Different” tab.
  2. We try to do everything via email,  Voice communication is less accurate and more inefficient.  It allows both sides to consider what is being presented with no pressure. 
    That is why you will find no phone contact information on our sites – but if you prefer phone conversation, we can do that.
    Trying to arrange convenient meeting times can also be time consuming, and that cost is always passed on to  the consumer
  3. We use many automated tools to help do the tedious things that most agencies still are paying people to do.  Many times a tool can do as much as 90% of a task requiring a person to do only 10%.  We have spent thousands to purchase and develop those tools.
  4. We will be providing the option for people to leave a voice or video message for those people who don’t like to type.  That way, someone who has a question or is interested can simply speak it when they have the time to do it.
  5. We DON’T do it by providing lesser service or quality.  Our costs are kept low so we can provide better quality at a better price than most others.
  6. We make as much profit as most, we have just been wiser about controlling our costs.

We do not consider ourselves to be primarily a website design agency (though that can be a part of what we do). We have worked and planned hard and long to be a total solution to your internet presence and establishing a reputation for your local business so you could lead the competition in their area.

Unlike most agencies and freelancers we encourage a business to do as much as possible within their circle of employees and friends. Ideas and thoughts that come from the company personalize and humanizes a business. We can then take those ideas and thoughts and make them fit into a profitable presence.

Creating a website or most other internet marketing tasks are very boring and repetitive. Yet, most agencies have only designers to do that tedious work. We let designers, design, and the repetitive work we have trained others to do, therefore, we reduce the expense of any work we do and pass the savings on to you.

Another major benefit we offer, we have many programs, especially in social media, which reduces the time spent and increases your effectiveness.  We could just keep those to ourselves and charge you the big bucks others charge you to handle your social media and other accounts.  But, we think it best for things to be done on the local level and offer professional guidance when sought for.

Empowered Marketing has been perfecting its agency offerings for 20 years. Before WordPress, we developed a program whereby business could edit their content online. It had a WYSIWYG interface. We also created a groundbreaking site (used flash like few had before) for’s 25th anniversary website.  We have been fortunate to have had great customers over the years.

We have been quiet for a few years and not promoting heavily because we wanted to offer a wall-to-wall solution. Some, mistakenly, thought we had gone out of business. They were wrong. We did not want to go the way of most agencies and provide only part of the solution. We wanted to wait until we had examined every nook and cranny to make sure we did not overlook anything so that we could offer you professional services at good prices.

One thing we have learned is that businesses prefer to have their internet presence handled by one agency instead of trying to coordinate the efforts of several all with different ideas and approaches, and sometimes in conflict with one another. We were always asked, “can you do this?”, “can you do that?” Now we can.

The changes over the past few years have been fast and impacting. What worked a year ago, no longer worked any longer. Internet searches have changed, programming has changed and things that could not be done a year ago are available to all. Many websites done in the past two or more years and not updated are now losing out on opportunities that did not exist when the website was made.  They are giving their business away to those who know how important the internet is to a business.

That is why we took a promotional hiatus rather than churning out products that would become obsolete quickly. We wanted to be able to present products which can grow and change to meet the demands of people and the internet.

It has taken a while to put everything together and be a state-or-the-art agency. While our website is not yet finished, we are able and ready to help you with all phases of your internet presence.

Service Overview

Video & Animation

Video and animation has been recognized as the most effective way to attract customers to you offers and remain on your site. It is the primary consideration for all that is done for your online attraction and effectiveness. From concept to implentation to promotion we can help you

Social Media Marketing

This is now an essential aspect of Internet Marketing . It is more than simply a matter of having a social media site. Each type of site has peculiar advantages that must be taken into consideration. Above all, video and graphic elements are an essential part of your social marketing stategy.

Website Design & Development

Websites are about more than just a pretty face. They need to be be based on a robust foundation that can properly handle all the behind-the-scenes services that make for a well-visited website. We go beyond the website and do the necessary work to bring customers.

Graphics Design

Site banners, social media ads, website graphics are now an essential part on a successful internet presence. A visual is meant to steer visitors to your content and offers and is the best way to present offers.

It is inefficient and troublesome to hire many agencies to handle the different aspects required to give you the best internet presence.
We offer a wall-to-wall solution that keeps your online presence coordinated and working together following one or more successful streams of marketing.
It is no longer necessary to spend time with each agency trying to bring them up to speed and what else others are doing for you.  This eliminates duplicated efforts and expenses and confusion of focus.

Web Apps

Websites are not about to go away any time soon. However, a website that has an app is at a distinct advantage. Your website loads faster on an app and provides the business with a built in FREE audience to present special offers (even those good for a half hour). They can also target customers who are currently traveling in proximity to your business.


We can add membership features to any site. This allows you to help keep customer loyalty and to provide special incentives to them. It is far less costly to retain customers than to find new ones. Memberships and web apps do that. Businesses, such as Restaurants and those selling recurring needed services or products should seriously consider this option.

DIY Software Tools

We offer some of the same software we use to create for your online presence. This can range from graphic design programs to social media marketing programs, and more. For example, we offer a social media tool that connects to all your social media accounts and allows you to schedule posts and respond to posts all from one program.


Many video courses to help you or an employee understand internet marketing. This will save you a great deal of money even in a year because you will understand at least the basics and will be able to do them yourself or have an employee do them. And of course, if you ever run into a problem or need more expertise, we are always there to help.